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Urlday (urlday.com, urlday.cc, urlday.org) is owned by Optimum Sage Technologies, doing business as Software Company in USA. All the information is maintained by director of open source and non-profit projects at Optimum Sage whom can be contacted through Urlday or Optimum Sage contact page (https://www.optimumsage.com/contact) or (https://www.urlday.com/contact).

About Urlday

Urlday is a non-profit project that facilitates users to shorten links referring to other webpages with variety of feature such as link expiry, link password protection, custom alias, API and more.

The Service Provider is responsible for the provision of the Electronic Services specified herein and obligated to provide the same without any defect whatsoever.

In this document the term “Service Provider” is used for Urlday. User refers to the person who is using Urlday services in any way. The term “Website” is used for “https://www.urlday.com”


The user is obligated to use the Website/Service in a legitimate way and in accordance with good manners while respecting the Service Provider’s and third parties’ personality rights, copyrights, and intellectual property rights. The user is obligated to provide his or her actual details. The Customer is not permitted to provide any illegitimate content.

The Service Provider complies with article 14 clause 1 of the Provision of Electronic Services Act of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended) whereby who, making available resources of its data communication system for the customer to store his or her data, is not aware of the illegitimacy of such data or any related activity and prevents access to such data after being officially notified of or becoming aware of the illegitimacy of such data or any related activity shall not be held liable for such stored data. Using urlday service to shorten deceptive, illegal, malware, phishing or any kind of unethical urls are strictly forbidden. Also, shortening links associated with other similar services are restricted as well. In such cases, urlday will send some or all the information about the user to concern authorities to help investigate. Urlday reserves the right to delete or ban any link, domain or user at anytime without notification. Shortened links are only accessible through urlday.cc domain (e.g. urlday.cc/xyz) and shortened links with domain urlday.com (e.g. urlday.com/xyz) will be discontinued w.e.f 1st Dec 2020. However, urlday.com would remain same for the landing page and user portal.



1. The Link shortening service can be used after you enter a link in the text field and click the short button. The Link Shortening Service can be used only once and is terminated once it is used.

2. The Link Shortening Service is provided free of charge for an indefinite period of time.

3. The user can also verify actual address from shortened link through “Link Preview” button in the footer.

4. The user can also set expiry date to shortened link. Link will be in record but cannot be used or user can set custom link for redirection after expiry.

5. The user can add custom alias/end point name and for shortened links.

6. The user can set password protection on each link and link will only redirect after providing current password.

7. Anyone can report for abusive links through "Abuse Report" option on bottom of the website.


The copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Website as a whole and to any part thereof, including any content, artwork, piece of work, pattern, and trademark displayed as part thereof, are owned by the Service Provider or other eligible third parties, and are subject to copyright and other generally applicable laws. The protection granted to the Website comprises all forms of their expression.

Trademarks owned by the Service Provider and third parties should be used in accordance with applicable laws.

Final Provision

Contracts signed and made by Urlday.

These Regulations come into force as soon as they are published, i.e. posted in its entirety on the Website.

Urlday and parent company reserves the right to amend the Regulations for cause, i.e. due to legislative changes or changes in the scope or form of the Electronic Services insofar as such changes might affect the implementation of the provisions hereof.


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